Learn How to Grow Your Online Business – How to Get it in Your Internet Adventure

A well known sports drink ran a TV ad in which famous athletes are shown performing amazing events. The ad ends with the question, “Is IT in you?” Obviously the primary message of the ad is to convince the viewer they will perform with excellence if that sports drink is in them. an LLC for an online business

A similar syndrome prevails in the Internet quest for online business opportunities. The successful stars are the self-proclaimed gurus or experts, and the elusive “It” is their own particular program or set of information. It’s rather blatantly stated that those who follow their magic program will find that Utopian “It” and become fantastically rich while the rest of us wallow in a world devoid of flavor, energy and money.

Reading blogs or online reviews leads us to the conclusion that many of the 95% of people who don’t succeed in their Internet business have labeled those who have as scams or crooks. Very likely, however, that negative labeling is simply a normal backlash attempt to discredit those who are successful and make their own failure a reasonable and logical result.

Let’s acknowledge, however, that there are successful online profit makers. And as successful business owners they obviously have “It” inside them… along with “It” inside their bank accounts.

As I have perused literally dozens of those opportunities, several common characteristics are profoundly apparent among those who at least claim to be successful.

  • they have found the right product… at least for them
  • they have found the time and energy to promote the product
  • they have developed the freedom to become self-promoters
  • they possess the fortitude and discipline to keep on trying
  • they possess the writing and development skills to exist in the public square

Those are wonderfully positive attributes of becoming successful in almost anything, but there are some irritating characteristics that keep showing up. Chief among them is the free plan to become rich, but then when you join you find that to become really rich quickly it’s necessary to upgrade to platinum, gold or superstar! For a substantial fee, of course.

Then there’s the “you’re only going to see this page once” with the boxed in consultant who tries to keep you from leaving. Equally as disconcerting is the request to buy into the program at the ultimate low deal of $97, but then find that if you turn it down, the next page offers the same thing for $9.

Surfing those pages gives me spine chilling flashbacks of visiting the stereotypical used car sales lot and dealing with the old bait-and-switch con or the “Let me talk to my manager” syndrome.

Speaking as an experienced newbie, it appears to me that many Internet programs consist of self-proclaimed gurus selling informational products that tell you how to get rich by selling informational products to other people who want to… and you see the circular pattern, don’t you. Basically, we newbies become the used car salesman.

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